Some teachers, where applicable, may want to use GitHub to store and maintain student code.

What we have done:

  • Created a GitHub Organization
  • Enabled GitHub Classroom
  • Turned on the ability to automatically roster students into GitHub based on a select Canvas course.

For staff interested in using this integration, the following will be required:

  1. Create your GitHub account.
    • We recommend using firstnamelastname-wps (e.g. blakejohnson-wps).
  2. Create your own GitHub Organization(s) for your class(es).
  3. Request the Teachers Toolbox for your organization.
  4. Authorize GitHub Classroom for your account.
  5. Create a GitHub Classroom for each course that needs GitHub integration.
  6. Link each GitHub Classroom to its respective Canvas course
    1. Have a Canvas admin enable the "Allow this tool to access the IMS Names and Role Provisioning Service" option for you in the app settings.
  7. Roster your students through GitHub.
  8. Start creating assignments.