How to Create a Custom App List in MyApps SSO Portal

This article will detail the steps to create a custom app list in your MyApps SSO Portal so you can more easily find the apps you use and hide the apps you don't need to see all the time.

This process can be done from either a computer or an iPad.

*NOTE* New apps will not get automatically added to your custom list. You will need to edit your custom list and select the new app if you would like it included.

  1. Login to the MyApps SSO Portal

  2. Click the "Create" button in the upper right
  3. Click in the "Name" field
  4. Create a name for your custom app list

  5. Click on "Add apps"

  6. Click on all of the apps you want to include in your custom list

  7. Click "Next" at the bottom

  8. Rearrange the apps however you would like by dragging apps in the order you prefer

  9. Click "Create" at the bottom

  10. You will now see your custom list at the top.  You can easily switch between your custom list and the list of all apps.

  11. You can edit your list any time by selecting your list and click "Edit" in the upper right.