Most buildings have main-line voicemail messages that differ between internal and external calls.  For changing the external messages, these are the following steps that must be performed.

  1. Dial 2222
  2. Enter your ID which is your 4 digit extension and press # (only people who are assigned call handlers for that extension can perform this function)
  3. Enter your personal voicemail PIN and press #
  4. It's going to ask you for the call handler extension, enter the 11 digit number of the extension you want to change (e.g 1-763-745-XXXX), and press and press #.
  5. Listen to the tutorial and follow the directions for the standard greeting. If you want to have a special greeting when there are school breaks, during the summer, etc. you can go in and set up an alternative greeting.
  6. You can listen to what you've recorded and can change it as many times as you need until it's just right.
  7. Please make sure to test that all is working and verify the calls go to the appropriate person's voicemail box.
  8. After recording the message, let the helpdesk know of any button actions that may need to be changed.