Wayzata Public Schools

Frontline Staff Health Portal

COVID-19 Health Form Instructions



To identify the procedural process for all staff to complete the district health form when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms


All District Staff


Staff Health Survey

  1. If any staff are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, you must fill out the health check form in our staff Health Portal.  

  2. The following link will take you to our MyApps - Single Sign On Portal to login.  

    1. MyApps Single Sign On Portal

    2. Login using your district email address and district password

  3. Click on the staff Health Portal app

  1. You will be automatically logged into the staff Health Portal

  2. Fill out the health form - (High Priority) Daily COVID-19 Health Check

    1. All entered information is confidential and private

    2. The Health Check form only needs to be completed if you are absent from work with a positive test or identified COVID-19 symptoms. 

  1. The health form will be reviewed by District HR and District Health Administration.

  2. You will be contacted by District HR or District Health Administration for follow up information.