IMPORTANT: You will be required to know your district username and password in order to complete these directions. If you don’t know that information, parents/guardians can look it up by following these directions. If you are still having trouble finding this information please contact the Wayzata helpdesk.

Setup Screens

  1. Power your iPad on by pressing and holding the power button located along the top right edge of the iPad.

  2. Tap English.

  3. At the “Select Your Country” screen tap United States.

  4. At the “Quick Start” screen tap Set Up Manually.

Choose the column that applies to you:

Setting Up At Home

Setting Up At School


Tap on your home wi-fi network.


Tap enrollment. Wait for the screen to proceed.


Type your home wi-fi password then tap Join.

Wait for the screen to proceed.

  1. At the “Remote Management” screen tap Next.

  2. At the “Welcome” screen tap Next.

  3. Watch the “MyWay” video then tap Done Watching.

  4. Read the entire “Student Acceptable Use Policy” then tap Accept.

  5. At the “Help” screen tap Next.

  6. Enter your district username and password then tap Sign In. Wait for the screen to proceed.

  7. At the “Touch ID” screen tap Continue.

  8. Place your finger on the home button; lift and repeat until the screen advances.

  9. At the “Adjust Your Grip” screen tap Continue.

  10. Again, place your same finger on the home button; lift and repeat then tap Continue.

  11. At the “Create a Passcode” screen enter a passcode with 4 or more characters then tap Next.

  12. Re-enter your passcode then tap Next.

  13. At the “Apple ID Sign In” screen tap Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?.

  14. On the “Apple ID” screen tap Set Up Later in Settings at the bottom.

  15. At the “pop-up” screen tap Don’t Use.

  16. Tap Enable Location Services.

Connecting To School WPS Wi-Fi

IMPORTANT: SKIP this section if you are setting your iPad up at home.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the homescreen
    1. Note: You may need to swipe to the right to get to the correct home screen with the Settings app.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi along the left side of the screen.
  3. Then tap the Info icon to the right of “enrollment”.
  4. Tap Forget This Network then tap Forget.
  5. Wait for a check mark to appear to the left of “WPS”.

Setup District Email

  1. From the home screen tap the Mail icon on the dock.

  2. At the “Welcome to Mail” screen tap Google.

  3. At the “pop-up” screen tap Continue.

  4. At the “Google Sign in” screen enter your district email ( then tap Next.

  5. Again, at the “Sign in” screen enter your district email then tap Next.

  6. Enter your district password then tap Sign in.

  7. At the “pop-up” screen tap Not Now.

  8. At the “Stay signed in” screen tap Yes.

  9. At the “Gmail” screen tap Save.

Additional iPad Directions

A web clip will automatically be installed on your device home screen called iPad Directions. This web clip contains information that is IMPORTANT to you. Specifically, how to setup Notability to auto-backup to Google Drive. Please review this information.