Creating a Zoom meeting via Canvas


Creating a Zoom meeting via Google Calendar

  1. Open your Google Calendar
  2. Choose create, then more options
  3. Add the title of the meeting/class
  4. Verify the correct date and times
    • If meeting/class repeats, complete this step
  5. Click on "Make it a Zoom Meeting"
  6. Once you click on "Make it a Zoom Meeting" all the meeting information is filled in
    • meeting ID
    • password
    • mobile dial in information
  7. Next, add all your guests/students to this specific meeting/class and save
  8. The invite window will pop up and click send
  9. Invitees/students will receive the meeting/class invite with the Zoom link and password to join the meeting

IMPORTANT:  When creating Zoom meeting invites for students, in your Zoom settings, (access settings via https://wayzataschools.zoom.us/profile/setting) make sure the following setting is off. If the setting is not off, students will not be able to join the meeting.


Creating a Zoom meeting via the Zoom App

  1. Open up the Zoom App
  2. Click on Home at the top and the tap/click on schedule


3.   Add topic of meeting/class

     4.   Add start date, time and duration of meeting

if recurring meeting, check the box and you will need to update recurring dates in your calendar  

     5.   Meeting ID - have Zoom automatically generate

     6.   Password - will automatically be generated and is mandatory for invitees to join class

     7.   Video - choose host for host and participants

     8.   Audio - choose telephone and computer audio

     9.   Calendar - select Google calendar to add meeting to your calendar

    10.  Click schedule

    11.  Once you click schedule, you will be redirected to your Google calendar 

           (if you chose another calendar in step 9, you will need to choose a different calendar when prompted)

    12.  In calendar, you will need to:

                set if meeting is recurring and update with correct dates

                send meeting/class invite to your students - all the information students need is in the meeting invite -

                      meeting ID


                      mobile dial information

Advanced options:

        Enable join before host - leave unchecked - this would allow participants to join meeting without you

        or before you join

        Only authenticated users can join - leave unchecked

        Automatically record meeting - check this if you want the meeting to be automatically recorded.  

IMPORTANT - Recorded Meetings

If you record your meetings and you want share the meeting, you will need to do the following,

Meeting recording tips:

  • Record your meetings to your computer - locally
  • Do not record the gallery view
  • Start the recording after your have had your opening conversation/sharing with students
  • Pin your video screen so it is the screen showing first and foremost and student pictures and names are not showing
  • Start the recording of your teach session
  • Once you have finished your teaching - stop the recording prior to you unpinning your Zoom screen
  • Upload to your Youtube channel.  Make the video unlisted
  • Embed video in your Canvas page or share the video link in Canvas

Student Zoom Use

Please be aware of how your meeting is set up, as it impacts students ability to join or not.

  • Students DO NOT sign up or login to Zoom - ever
  • Students  
    • Join a Meeting
    • Enter meeting ID
    • Enter meeting password
  • A guide to help students use Zoom on iPads.