Seesaw: Archiving an Activity

How to Archive:


# Direction Screenshot
1 Select the Activities tab from your Seesaw main menu.
Here you will be able to see all the activities (past, current, and scheduled) that you've assigned.

2 Navigate to an activity you want to archive.
3 Click on the 3 dots in the lower right corner to view the activity settings.
4 Choose archive activity to remove the activity from the feed and place it into the archived folder.

*If an activity has not been responded to yet, you will not be able to archive it. You will only have the option to delete. Deleting an activity will not remove it from your library, but it would prevent any more responses from it.
5 The archived activity can now be found in the archived folder in your activities tab. 
6 Should you decide to unarchive an activity, navigate to the archived folder and select the archived activity's settings. Click on unarchive activity to move the activity back into your activity feed.