If you are having issues with your Mozilla Firefox Web Browser it could be due to an extension you might not have realized you downloaded. This article will show you how to check the extensions you have and how to delete the unwanted extensions.

Step 1a: Open the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, in the top right hand corner you will see 3 horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, click on the 3 lines.


a menu will appear, click on "preferences"  

Step 1b: You can also get to preferences by click on "Firefox" at the top of the screen and then selecting "preferences" in the drop down menu. 

Step 2: A new tab will open up and you will be directed to the preferences page. From there select "Extensions and Themes" located on the left side of the 


Step 3: A page will load showing you the extensions you have downloaded on to Firefox, as well as a list of extensions you can add to Firefox. To delete the extension you will look at the section of the page that says "manage extensions" 

-Each extension will show it's icon, title, and a short description on what the extension does.

-To remove the extension select the 3 dots in a horizontal line to open up a drop down menu.


 Step 4: Select "remove"

A pop up window will appear confirming if you want to remove the extension --> select remove.

Step 5: After you remove the extension, close all open tabs then quit and restart your Firefox Web Browser.