Seesaw: Creating and Assigning an Activity

How to Create an Activity

Create and Assign:


# Direction Screenshot
1 Select the Green Add Icon.

2 Choose Assign Activity.
3 This will take you to your Library. From here you can use your previously assigned activities quickly, or Create a New Activity.
4 You also have the option to view activities created by other teachers in your School & District. You can also filter by your School, Grade, and Subject to find what you are looking for quickly.
5 Additionally, you can view activities created throughout the Seesaw Community. You can sort by Grade and Subject to narrow down the results to easily find an activity.
6 If you choose to create a new activity, it will take you to the main activity creation screen. Here you will name your activity and add instructions for your students. You also have the option to add Voice Instructions, Multimedia Instructions/Examples, and a Template for Student Responses.
7 If you decide to Add Voice Instructions, select that option and a blue microphone icon will appear. Click on the button to begin recording!
8 Choose to Add Multimedia Instructions or Example gives you the ability to insert photos, drawings, you can record a video (ip to 5 minutes), notes, and insert links. You also have the ability to upload and photos, videos, or files from your computer, or even pull them in from your Google Drive.
9 Adding a Template for Student Responses is the ability to add a collaborative element to your activity. For example, you could create a drawing that you would like the student to finish. You could also write a sentence with spelling errors and have them edit the words to the correct spelling. This is a tool that you can be creative with, but works best with Photos, Drawings, and Notes.
10 Once you've created your activity, you will click on Save in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, you will click on the Assign button to send this activity to your students and collect their responses.
11 Once you've clicked Assign, you can click the checkbox next to your class name to send the activity to all students in your class.
If you want to assign the activity to one student or a handful of students, you can select Edit Students, Folders, Skills.
12 From here, you can check the boxes to the left of the student's name to choose them for the assignment.
13 Finally, once you have assigned your activity to students. The activity will appear on your main page under activities.
Here you can view the activity, the responses, and the responses waiting for your approval.