Accessing and Distributing Seesaw Home Learning Codes

  • Home Learning Codes used to expire after 90 days.
    Seesaw has recently made a change that allows them to last for a year, but if your code was generated before that change, it will still expire after 90 days.
    Teachers can generate new codes anytime. Generating a new code does not expire existing codes; up to 50 codes per student will remain valid at any given time.

  • You do not need to change student sign in mode or other class settings to use Home Learning Codes.

Printing/Saving Home Learning Codes:


# Direction Screenshot
1 Click the wrench icon in the top right corner of your screen.

2 Navigate to Home Learning Student Codes.
3 Choose Print Codes.
4 A new window will open and you will click Print. 

If you are distributing an entire class's code, you can select Download for a quick way to save the class collection of codes.
5 If you intend on distributing the codes electronically (through email), set your print destination to Save as PDF.
Otherwise send it to the printer of your choice.

If you want to save/print an individual student's code, navigate to the page in the print preview where the student's name and QR code is located, identify the page number and enter it in the Pages section of the print settings.
6 If Saving as a PDF, name the file, choose your destination and save it. Last, attach it in an email sent to your student and their connected family.