This article includes a video, along with documentation, about how to navigate and use some of the most common areas of Skyward - Family Access.  

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Overview of Sections:

District Links

These area is located in the upper right corner of your Family Access page.  When you click on the link titled District Links you will see a dropdown with links to:

Wayzata School District Website - Main webpage for the Wayzata School District

Wayzata Canvas Portal - Online Learning for 6th-12th grade students

PayPams - Add funds to your student's lunch account

E-Pay - Pay for class fees, field trips, technology replacements, etc...

ELink-Transportation - For information regarding bussing.

Home Page

The Home tab on the left brings you to your home page.  This is also where you will see your Wall.  The wall is where important messages are posted.  These messages may come from teachers, principals, school nurses, and other school district staff.  It's a good idea to check your wall frequently.

My Account

There is a link in the upper right corner of the Family Access window titled My Account.  It is located by your name.  When you click on this link, it will bring you to the area where you can update your email address, phone number, and how you would like to receive notifications about your student(s).  You can choose to receive notifications via email, your wall, or both.  

This is also the area where you go to change your Family Access password.  In the upper right corner, there is a button titled Change Password.  When you click on it, it will ask you to enter your current password, create a new password, then re-type your new password and click the Save button.  

*Note* When you change your Family Access password, it will also change your Canvas password to match, however, the sync process takes a full business day to sync.


This area allows you to see events for your students.  Some examples of events that show up on your calendar are dates you have signed up for parent / teacher conferences or days you students school is closed.


You must select an individual student from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner before viewing the Gradebook.  The gradebook section is where you can view your student's grades for each class.  You can use the arrow to the left of the class name to expand and view individual assignments, due dates, and each grade for the assignments.  You can also click on the assignment name to view more details.  The system defaults to only show 5 assignments for each class.  If there are more assignments that have been graded, there will be a link at the bottom of each class to show more.


This section shows attendance detail for your students.  This is also where you will go to submit an Absence Request for your student(s).  At the top, there is link titled Absence Request. Click on that link and the absence request window will pop up.  Click the Add Request link to the right.  Select all the necessary options such as Start Date, End Date, All Day (or uncheck if not all day).  If your student will not be absent all day, you will need to identify the times they will be absent.  Choose a Reason from the dropdown list.  Enter any additional comments if necessary and click Save.  This request will be sent to the attendance office at your student's school.

Student Info

Shows your student's demographic information along with emergency contacts and family information.  It also displays your student's school information such as the school your child attends, the principal and the school phone number.  You can request changes for your student by clicking the Request Changes... link in the upper right of your student's information card.  This is where you can go to add or edit emergency contact information for your student(s).


The schedule section allows you to see your student's schedule for the Current Year.

Test Scores

This section shows you test scores that are posted to Family Access.  Some examples of test scores you may find here are MAP, Pre ACT, ACT and MCA scores among others.


This is where you go to sign up for Parent / Teacher Conferences.  To sign up for conferences, click on the All Conferences tab to the right of your student's name.  Click on the Select a Time link. Find a date and time that work best for you and click the Select link to the right of that time slot.  Verify the information is accurate and click Save in the lower left.  You can click on the View Scheduled Times tab to view the date and time you signed up for.  If you need to unschedule your conference, you can click on the Unschedule link and click save in the window that pops up.


This section is where you will see report cards, be able to get your student's lunch PIN number, view locker information, and also be able to view attendance letters if applicable.

Health Info

This section shows you all of the vaccinations you have on file with the school district.  You will be able to see what vaccinations you have submitted and if any need to be updated.