Sextortion Email Scam - Don't fall victim to this scam

Recently, an email scam has surfaced that makes reference to having your password, part of a phone number, or parts of other personal identifying information.  This particular email scam refers to having obtained your computer password and used your webcam to record a video of you watching pornography.  The scammer threatens to send the video to all of your contacts unless you pay a ransom. The email even includes the Bitcoin address to make a payment to the scammer.  Here is an example of what the email scam may look like:

You don’t know me and you’re thinking why you received this email, right?

Well, I actually placed a malware on the porn website and guess what, you visited this web site to have fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching the video, your web browser acted as a RDP (Remote Desktop) and a keylogger which provided me access to your display screen and webcam. Right after that, my software gathered all your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook account, and email account.

What exactly did I do?

I made a split-screen video. First part recorded the video you were viewing (you’ve got a fine taste haha), and next part recorded your webcam (Yep! It’s you doing nasty things!).

What should you do?

Well, I believe, $1400 is a fair price for our little secret. You’ll make the payment via Bitcoin to the below address (if you don’t know this, search “how to buy bitcoin” in Google).

BTC Address: 1Dvd7Wb72JBTbAcfTrxSJCZZuf4tsT8V72

(It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it)


You have 24 hours in order to make the payment. (I have an unique pixel within this email message, and right now I know that you have read this email). If I don’t get the payment, I will send your video to all of your contacts including relatives, coworkers, and so forth. Nonetheless, if I do get paid, I will erase the video immediately. If you want evidence, reply with “Yes!” and I will send your video recording to your 5 friends. This is a non-negotiable offer, so don’t waste my time and yours by replying to this email.


Sextortion is when someone threatens to distribute your sensitive material if you don’t give them something in return, such as money, or sexual favors.  It’s important to keep your data safe online.  There are many ways you can do this.  Here are a few that relate to this email scam:

  • Never pay
  • Don’t click on attachments from senders you don’t recognize
  • Report the email as spam
  • Never send compromising images of yourself to anyone, no matter who they are, or who they say they are
  • Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know
  • Turn off and cover your web cameras when you are not using them.

This is a serious crime that can have devastating consequences for victims. If you think you are a victim, or know someone who is a victim of sextortion, contact your local FBI office, or call 1-800-CALL-FBI.