This article provides solutions for common problems users may encounter when using the Epson 595wi Interactive Projector 

Interactivity Not Working                

  • Verify USB extender is plugged in on the wall and on laptop
    • Verify computer sees projector as plugged in.
    • On a Mac Machine
      • Open up the Apple menu
      • Select “About this Mac”
      • Click on “System Report”
      • On the left side, select “USB”
      • Verify an Epson device is listed.  If not, your USB extender is having connectivity issues and may need to be replaced.
    • On a Windows Machine
      • Click on the “Start” button
      • Right click on “Computer”
      • Click on “Manage”
      • Click on “Device Manager”
      • Expand “Mice and other pointing devices”
      • Verify an Epson device listed 
        1. If not, your USB extender is having connectivity issues and may need to be replaced.
  • Verify correct input is selected on wall panel
  • Verify mouse mode is active, not pen mode
  • Is Smart notebook open or closed?
    • Close or open program
      •  Once closed or opened now try interactivity
    • Check Smart notebook version
    • Are the smart tools installed
    • There maybe a conflict with Epson and smart - We need to troubleshoot this.
  • Re-install the Epson Drivers


Pens not working

  • Check/charge/replace batteries

Picture is not aligned on the board

  • Open up the projector menu from the Epson Remote
  • Select “Settings” 
    • Select “Keystone” 
      • Choose “quick corner”
      • Adjust accordingly

Mouse pointer moves without tapping the screen

The “Hovering” action needs to be turned off.  To do this,

  • Open up the projector menu from the Epson Remote
  • Select “Extended” on the left side.
  • Select the “Easy Interactive Function” option on the right side.
  • Select the “Hovering” option
  • Select “Off”


Calibration needs to be adjusted

(ie. mouse pointer is off, pens not writing as they should)

  • Open up the projector menu from the Epson remote
  • Select “Extended”
    • Choose “Easy Interactive Function”
      • First try auto calibration
      • If this doesn’t fix the issue, try manual calibration

Touch is not being recognized in lower corner(s) of board

The sensor on wall, rectangular box above board, needs adjustment

  • Pull out sensor slightly (you may need to loosen w/screwdriver)
  • Once adjusted, test interactivity in corners and elsewhere on board

Sound Issues

  • If using VGA connection, make sure audio cable is securely plugged in
  • Verify on wall panel that sound is not mute
  • Verify volume is turned up 
  • Verify mics are not mute
  • On a Mac, if plugged in via HDMI, volume cannot be adjusted from the computer. Volume will need to be adjusted via the wall panel or inside the program that is running.


DVDs won’t display on the Projector

This is happening due to copyright protection on the DVD.  There are three possible workarounds:

  1. Use a VGA connection instead of HDMI.
  2. Use VLC to play the DVD
  3. Use your standalone DVD/Blu-ray player
    • If using player, remember input on wall panel will need to be changed accordingly


Projected image does not fill the screen / Touch is above or below finger or pen

There are two possible solutions for this:

  1. Press the “Aspect” button (8) on the Epson remote control and select the “Full” option.
  2. Change the computers screen resolution to a more optimal resolution.