This article will outline the steps needed for Reserve Teachers to access substitute documents teachers share with them.

Where to Start:

  1. Login to Google Drive

  2. In the search bar at the top, click on the dropdown menu on the far right.

  1. Select the box next to “Location”

  2. Change “Anywhere” to “Visible to”.  It’s the bottom option.

  1. In the “Item name” field, type in the name of the buildings folder you are looking for.

                        BIRreserve - Birchview

                        GLKreserve - Gleason Lake

                        GRWreserve - Greenwood

                        KIMreserve - Kimberly Lane

                        MREreserve - Meadow Ridge

                        OAKreserve - Oakwood

                        PCKreserve - Plymouth Creek

                        SUNreserve - Sunset Hill

                        CMSreserve - Central Middle School

                        EMSreserve - East Middle School

                        WMSreserve - West Middle School

                        WHSreserve - Wayzata High School

  1. Click “Search”

  2. Open the folder from the search results

Rev. 5/2022